Free Hot Air Balloon Printable

Ever wish you could fly on a hot air balloon and travel to Paris? Well, the reality is that an airplane is probably the safest and fastest way to get somewhere. The incredible thing is that we can always imagine and creatively update our surroundings.

Hot Air Balloon Printable
Hot Air Balloon Printable

My daughters love things that fly – balloons, bubbles, birds, butterflies… and they learned about a hot air balloon when watching Kiki’s Delivery Service. They are in love with the movie so much and asked me to make a red ribbon headband, which I may do a tutorial someday. With this hot air balloon printable, you can put it on your wall or even make a garland, if you feel festive. I also made a cake topper by gluing (or taping) the hot air balloons onto a dowel and it can certainly be a really easy craft to do with the kids.

Download the printable and cut each hot air balloon illustrations along the dotted blue line! I laminate most of my printable, so they are sturdy enough and can be used again, over and over. (These are only for personal use only.) And follow me on my Instagram account @byasamihasegawa for more tips and more.

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