Face Mask Tutorial

When the COVID-19 was becoming a problem in Japan, my parents told me that they were scarce on face masks, sanitizers, and yes – toilet paper. Knowing that it is uncommon to wear masks here in the United States, I didn’t really see it as a problem. Then I thought, why not make a few masks out of fabric and send it to my family and friends in Japan? That was in February.

Now fast forward to March, before the COVID-19 became a pandemic, I decided to make one for each of our family and friends. I still remember when the clerk at JoAnn’s Fabric asked me what I was making, and with hesitation, I told her I was making face masks. And just as I imagined, she gave me an odd face. And now that it is recommended to wear a face mask to protect others and ourselves, I thought it was time for me to share a face mask tutorial.

The best way to protect others and ourselves is to stay home, but of course, not all of us can stay home. There are many ways to make masks, even with household items such as paper towels, staples, and rubber bands, but the great thing about fabric face masks is that they are washable and reusable.

After working with this face mask pattern, I felt that this would be the easiest and comfortable face mask to make. In this tutorial, we will need a printed pattern, fabric, and elastic bands, and pencils, scissors, and a sewing machine. (but you can sew by hand too!) For the elastic band, my daughters insisted that the elastic would get uncomfortable, so I found a upcycle solution – grab an old leggings or stockings and use it as an elastic band. It may not look the best, aesthetic wise, but my daughters actually agreed that they were much more comfy. Please feel free to download the pattern, and I hope this tutorial and face mask pattern will be useful in these uncertain times.

don't touch the front of the mask with your hands
Don’t touch the front of the mask with your hands!

Important reminders: Never touch the front of the mask. Remove mask by the elastic band. Always wash your hands after removing the mask. Wash or discard the mask after each use.

Materials Used
Elastic bands (or old leggings or stocking)

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DIY Doll and Stuffed Animal Vest

DIY No-Sew Doll Vest

Recently, I have been embroidering letters and motifs on towels and pouches. My daughters love watching me craft and cook, and they always have questions to ask. My eldest daughter always has ideas, and she came running to me the other day whether she could make a jacket or a vest for her stuffed animal. 

DIY No-Sew Doll Vest

I just knew from her facial expression that she wanted to use a sewing machine or a sewing needle. At first, I thought – is it possible to let an eight-year-old handle a sewing machine or a sewing needle? Then I asked her which stuffy she was talking about. She showed me Teddy, the Steiff teddy bear, and desperately told me he was cold. This Steiff teddy bear is very special to us, especially since we bought him right before she was born at FAO Schwartz at 5th Ave. (before it closed) Okay, I must admit…he does seem a little cold.

I knew I had to make one, but how? So, I went to my favorite go-to place, Pinterest. Everything looked very professional, and adults either sewing by a sewing machine or hand. And with all the inspirations, I decided to make my own no-sew pattern. She first was unenthusiastic that she could not use the professional tools, but I told her that she can do it by herself with just a pair of scissors and felt fabric!

First, measure your doll or stuffed animal. Based on your measurements, make a pattern using the sample pattern provided. I actually had Teddy wear the paper vest pattern, so I could adjust the armhole. Make changes to the paper pattern as much as you like – it will save you fabric! After tracing the pattern on your fabric (felt or stiff fabric preferred), cut the fabric. And you are done!

DIY No-Sew Doll Vest

The toughest part of this project is measuring your little guy or gal and adjusting the armhole. I suggest parents to help measure the doll or stuffed animal and to make the pattern, and let the kids do the rest! Feel free to download the vest pattern. The kids can always draw with a fabric marker and decorate the vest. And follow me on my Instagram account @byasamihasegawa for more tips.

All downloads are for personal, non-commercial use only. Please do not redistribute and/or modify any of the downloads. Please link to this post if sharing, and not directly to the pdf file. Thank you. © Asami Hasegawa