DIY Hand-painted Wood Crafts

DIY Hand-painted Wood Crafts

Hello! I hope you are having a great week. Wood is one of my favorite mediums, but it is also by far the most challenging DIY project that I tend to avoid. I am terribly clumsy and accident-prone, so I make sure to be extra careful. In my previous post, I hand-painted on an old wooden chair – that was an experiment! This time, I decided to use some of my precious wood craft supplies that I bought from Japan. (If you have an opportunity to go to Japan, you will need to visit this store! The store is so adorable and ridiculously affordable. )

DIY Hand-painted Wooden Crafts

When working with wood, I sand the surface lightly and apply primer with a brush. I usually let it sit for at least three hours. Some primers will ask you to wait for 24 hours; however, I apply a thin layer for it to dry quickly. This method works for me, mainly because I don’t take on big projects. If you plan to do a big home project, I really suggest waiting for 24 hours. For these projects, I freehanded and let my creativity flow, but I sometimes sketch a draft with a pencil (very very lightly) when hand-painting intricate designs. I personally don’t like erasing the pencil marks after painting, and pencil marks can eventually show through. If you aren’t confident, use a transfer paper and trace your design!

Paint pens and sharpie oil pens are also great if you prefer a firm brush tip. I personally use brushes to give it a soft and uneven look. I would definitely use a paint pen for calligraphy on wood. And follow me on my Instagram account @byasamihasegawa for more tips and more. Happy crafting!

Materials Used
Wooden Blocks
Sand Paper
Acrylic Paint
Painter’s Tape

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